The Unique Craftsmen Who Simplify Heavy Machine Moving

Millwrights were some of the earliest engineers and originally constructed paper, fulling and flour mills. Over time they evolved into heavy machinery experts who are now involved in many industrial moves. Businesses that provide millwright services typically offer a range of other services associated with machine moving. They also offer teams of specialists who will relocate plants and ensure that re-installed equipment is precisely attuned.

Engineers Relocate Entire Plants

Heavy machine movers will coordinate and move complete plants. They include engineers who handle scheduling and match mark components to ensure they will be reassembled correctly. They dismantle machinery and crate it. Experts safely containerize equipment that is being exported. Technicians synchronize and monitor transportation and freight forwarding. They also unload, re-install and warehouse machines when required. Storage and warehouse services include bare metal protection, foam packaging, shrink wrapping and fabricated supports.

Millwrights Ensure Precise Installations

Mechanics and millwrights work together to remove, relocate and install machinery. Modern millwrights still specialize in disassembling and erecting complex equipment. They provide leveling services to ensure that equipment is within necessary precision or tolerance levels. They are machine component and surface professionals who routinely work with cold-shrinking, press-fits and large and high torque fasteners. Alignment and leveling technicians use traditional instrumentation, alignment laser and optical jig transits.

Specialists Offer Turn-Key Services

Professionals who specialize in heavy machinery moving can provide customers with turn-key solutions. They offer single-point responsibility that goes further than the usual rigging and transport. Clients are assigned contractors and managers who create custom plans. They coordinate teams of mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineers as well as other craftsmen. Groups of professionals precisely organize the packaging and transport of entire plants for export. Clients can arrange for dismantlement services which include demolition and asset recovery. Dismantling services can also involve decommissioning assistance, rigging, scrap metal removal and auction or liquidation options.

The ancient millwright craft has evolved into a precise skill that is essential to the heavy equipment moving industry. Millwrights and other engineers now coordinate projects that range from transporting a single item to turn-key plant relocations. Projects can include dismantling, crating, containerization, installation and precision calibration services.

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